Top Warning Signs Of A Breakup

March 24, 2019

Breakups happen. That is a fact of life. However, many of us could be helped if we could recognize the warning signs of a breakup. The good news is that the following article will help you to do that. By recognizing the warning signs, you may be able to deflect the breakup and keep it from occurring. At the very least, you may be able to save yourself some shock and heartache.

One of the first warning signs is a lack of communication.

If your girlfriend or boyfriend is no longer calling you as often, that could be a big warning. If your significant other does not want to communicate with you, then there is definitely a problem.

Another thing that you will notice is that people actually become extremely critical whenever they start to lose interest in their relationship. If you notice that your partner seems to be criticizing you a whole lot, you should absolutely have alarms going off in your head. Basically, they are trying to put distance between you and themselves emotionally.

Fighting a lot more than you typically do is also a warning sign. Naturally, if you fight a lot in general, you have to take things in context. Otherwise, frequent fighting can point towards a distancing in your relationship. Your partner may be looking for ways to push you away.

Another sign is going to be you not spending nearly enough time together.

If your boy/girlfriend does not seem to have as much time for you anymore, there is definitely something wrong. They could have found someone else that they are more interested in.

A drastic change in appearance or style is also one of the warning signs of a breakup. If your partner dramatically changes his or her style, then that could point towards their wish to make a huge change. That change might include breaking up with you, especially if it is unexpected.