New flirting tip – take care of yourself!

May 26, 2019

Rule 2: Pay attention to your appearance!
Before you can really tow successfully, you have to be more satisfied with yourself. For women, it’s really not just the look that counts. A good appearance will of course make it a lot easier, but what matters is your charisma. You have to be a guy. What makes you better than the washcloth, which is 3 meters away? Think of it as a game in which you must prevail!

At your physique you will not be able to change much on the fast, is not really necessary. You only need to dress in the right way. It is not for nothing that clothes make people. But let’s start at the top: First, you have to look neat.

Take a shower before you leave, the 20 minutes you have time. No woman will sleep with you when you look or feel stinky. Use a subtle perfume, wash your hair, cream your body, brush your teeth and especially your tongue. If you have bad breath problems, brush your teeth every day. White teeth do not only affect women, they also do not want to talk to you, let alone kiss you, when you stink. So the day before the hunt no kebab with garlic! Make sure you brush your teeth again before you go and take chewing gum with you. She does not need to know how much you already have intact to give you courage.

You’re probably going to turn on a woman who’s smaller than you. Now imagine her dancing tightly entwined and she looks up at you. What will she see?

Cut your nose hair! It just looks disgusting! Clean your nose after showering, then your nose is really clean and your girl can worship you.

Style your hair! You will look much more interesting, she will think that you value your appearance and appreciate it. Most hairstyles look like shit, but with gel it looks like you’ve been thinking about the hair catastrophe, and you might even get cool.

Shave the pubic area! If you really want to tow one tonight, then you should at least look so passable underneath that it will come back. If shaving is too much for you, then your hair will sting the least. He will not look any bigger. It is also simply neat. You do not find unshaved pussy too sexy, right?

Go to the solarium from time to time! Depending on what type you are, the more often or less often. If you’re into alternative / emo women, you should not go more than once a month. If you like small stylish bitches, you can go once or even several times a month. Is it normal girls, then every two weeks. The good thing about the tan is that you look healthy.

You will work like someone who does a lot and is not boring. The second – and perhaps more important – reason is that tanning helps your skin. Blackheads and pimples are almost wegge├Ązt and what is left is not as noticeable as it used to.

Buy new clothes! You should not look like a bum. You do not have to buy new things every week. Buy something suitable. If you are fat, do not buy skintight things. Run through your city and watch the boys, copy a style you like, if fashion is not your thing. If you have some good clothes, wear them only if you really want to impress women. Do not dress her if you drink one of your buddies. The clothes should look long, as if they were new. Another important point is shoes! There is a rumor that all women are shoe-addicted. That means as much as that they look you first in the face and then on your feet. So make sure you do not have worn-out slippers that are almost falling apart. Do not even buy shoes that are so huge that they look grotesque. For shoes, it is always true: less is more. No matter what style of styling you are!