What Is the Best Online Dating Site for You?

April 22, 2019

How to Find the Online Dating Site That’s Right For You!

So many choices.

There are so many different types, styles and varieties of everything from apples to cars. So it’s only natural that when it comes to finding an online dating site you’ll have lots of choices. Sometimes, too many choices.
Finding the best online dating site for you isn’t as simple as picking the biggest and baddest or the smallest. It’s about deciding how you date and what type of men you want to meet.

By understanding what types of dating sites are out there, you’ll stand a better chance of choosing the online dating site that’s right for you.

Compatibility Dating Sites vs. Search and Browse Sites

This is about freedom. Freedom to choose. Not that choosing is always a good thing. Sites like eHarmony and Chemistry.com are well known for their compatibility tests. These tests are used to match you to people who you’ll be compatible with. Match.com and Lavalife are both online dating sites where you search or browse for your matches. Both types of sites have their success stories.

If you’re shy or not very confident about the online dating process, a compatibility site is best for you. A browse and search site would work best for someone who’s open to dating many types of men, personality wise, knowing they may have to kiss a few frogs to find the prince.

General Online Dating Site vs. Niche Dating

eHarmony, Match and many of the larger sites are general dating sites. Anybody and everybody can join and you’ll meet men from various backgrounds, cultures, races and religions. A niche dating site is geared towards a certain group of people, usually focused on a chosen religion, activity, hobby or lifestyle. There are sites for most religions, there’s also ones for interracial dating, BBW dating, vegetarian dating, single parent dating and dating for geeks.
While a niche site may seem like a great way to meet people who share your interest, you may be limiting yourself. If the site is based on something you’re passionate about, such as your faith or pets or your lifestyle, than these sites are perfect for you.  If it’s just a passing interest you’re better off with a general online dating site.

Pay Site vs. Free Online Dating Sites

Many people don’t like free online dating sites. While most online dating sites are not that great there are some good ones, such as Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid. The reason many people don’t like free sites is because of the number of people with multiple accounts, abandoned accounts and jerks who keep signing up under new names after they’ve been tossed off the site. Guess what, those same things happen on pay sites, only in lesser numbers. The benefit of a pay site is that people have to pay to talk to you, which usually means they want to date someone.
While this is about preferences, it’s also about finances. Don’t sign up for a site you can’t afford. If you’re going to have to struggle to pay, you’re more likely to cancel early and not reap the full benefits of being on an online dating site. Online dating can take time, it’s better to be on a free site indefinitely, then to be on a pay site for a few months.

Established Site Vs. New Online Dating Site

Every now and then a brand spanking new online dating site pops up. To draw you in, they offer free trials that last for months, reduced prices and other goodies. Now, you should never turn down a free long extended trial of a site that might work for you. However you need to remember there’s a reason they’re giving you all this great stuff. They need members! While you may have a month or two to try out their service, you may not meet many men, depending on your location.

New sites are great for anyone to try. It works best if you live in a big city or somewhere where many people use online dating sites. Most of the people on these sites will be the same men that you meet on the established sites. To stand out change your profile significantly and use a different photo. You may get more attention on a new online dating site if it has fewer women than men.

These are just a few features that an online dating site can offer. After you decide what you want, sign up for a free trial, which many sites offer. Have a look around and see if they have what you’re looking for. Use this trial to see many local active members are in your area and if you match with any of them. Going through a few trial membership will help you decide which is the best online dating site for you.

While choosing an online dating site is important, do you know what to do when you find the right site? You can learn how to Click with Him when you’re dating online.