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May 11, 2019

Flirting Tips: Women Getting Around, Help and Guides 4 декабря 2012 г., 11: 43 This is football. This is beer drinking! This is Rülpsen! This is porn watching! This is a blog for men! This is not for women. It does not interest them how we really think. They should not know that we are really the assholes they think we are.

Therefore, we will not talk about the bush, it will not be minced. The reason you read the blog is to tow more women. This blog can not give general guidance, you always have to act according to the situation. But I will give for each situation hints, maybe even get one or the other phone number.
But first, you should make it clear. I am not a woman-hater. I think they are great, some of them are great. We as men, however, always have to differentiate: is she a friend type or is she a bed bunny.

You can lie to and betray you. You should, too. Why? Because you look at her as a bed bunny and you do not care.

Throw you out at the bed bunny and then spoil your girlfriend as she deserves it!
Rule last: “Who has not collected baskets, can not collect women! ”
Distributed over the blog you will find some rules, which must be observed!
Rule 1: Hide this blog!

As soon as any woman sees this blog in your history, you’re down. Most women do not like men who are so open about sex. That’s why you have to hide your porn on your computer, condom in your socks and pretend to be your first wife.

The good thing about women is that there are pretty good looks almost everywhere. The bad thing is that we have to take the first step. First of all, you have to tell yourself: women are only men without a penis and with breasts! They are just as nervous as you are. They are as keen on you as you are. They find each other as shit as you. Women are not unapproachable beings. If you do not have many female friends, try talking to an ugly or fat woman somewhere. You’ll see, you can handle them like your buddies. But as soon as a horny mouse is there, you can not think of the right one?

So your first exercise is to find an ugly one somewhere and talk to it. Ask her in a CD shop if this or that CD is good. Ask her in the city for directions. You’re not keen on her anyway. So it’s no problem talking to her!
After successfully completing this exercise, you have to tell yourself that the other women are just like the ugly girl. Just in a better packaging. So there is no reason to be nervous when talking to a hot slug. In the end it is just an ugly one with a good packaging