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February 4, 2019

Ghost Dating refers to the outsourcing of online dating to a professional ghost dating agency, which goes online on your behalf on Dating and then presents you directly a date or phone number. So you have no more effort in online dating. All work will be done by us as ghost dating agency.
The word Ghost comes from the word ghostwriter or ghostwriting, so an invisible scribe, also called phantom writer or job writer (see Wikipedia).

Ghostwriting + Online Dating = Ghost Dating

Benefits of Online and Ghost Dating

Leisure is a precious commodity for every human being. So why waste your time on the internet for hours after work and look for the dream woman or the dream man on one of the numerous single or partner exchanges and write back and write endless emails. And to be honest: Most of these emails do not work and do not contain really appealing content. Why not let the job done by a Ghost Dater? Here we come as ghost dating agency into play. Because the Internet offers online dating a marvel of technology that brings some benefits:
We can theoretically reach millions of people
Dating on the Internet takes place anonymously

The inhibition threshold for online dating is lower due to anonymity than in “real life”

Ghost dating experience

We have many years of experience in the online dating market and know how to optimally “flaunt” yourself online. We will present you optimally on the suitable partner exchange and get in touch with you for partners who really suit you. You save a lot of time and a lot of nerves and can thus make the most of your free time. For example, with the dates with the appropriate partners or the appropriate partners, which we organize for you.

As a ghost dating agency, we offer our ghost dating services for both dating and finding erotic meetings. So be honest with yourself right from the start and think carefully about what you want. A serious relationship? Or do you want to keep your freedom and not commit yourself? Below we will briefly show you the differences between Online Dating and Casual Dating.

Online Dating – Find a Dating Partner

Online dating is becoming increasingly popular. More than 7 million singles now use the Internet for dating (see There are already hundreds of online dating portals. We have the overview and know on which platform we can register you with your personal wishes and goals. In general, a differentiation is made between dating sites and dating sites in the online dating service:
Single exchanges are usually aimed at a target group between 20 and 45 years.

Partner exchanges, on the other hand, tend to specialize in a target group aged 35 or over.
We’ll create a profile for you on a matching single or partner exchange and start partnering for you. And you can sit back and let us work for you.

Afterwards you will receive from us a lot of information about your potential partners and we will send you the dates or telephone numbers that you have booked with us.
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Find casual dating partners (erotic meeting)

On the other hand, if you are not looking for a solid relationship but are looking for an erotic adventure, we can support you as well. Because we know that it is not easy to find a suitable partner through casual dating. Be it for a one-night stand, a long-lasting affair, an affair or just an erotic adventure.
In addition to the single and partner exchanges, there are also casual dating portals on the Internet, which are all about erotic contacts. We will be pleased to announce you on a suitable casual dating portal for you and then find suitable partners who would like to meet with you.

We also guarantee the dates and telephone numbers for casual dating to the extent that you have booked with us. Of course, your anonymity comes first for us.

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What distinguishes us as DatingWriter flirting professionals
We are flirt professionals. Our business owner has been working successfully as a flirt coach for several years and supports people on their way to becoming successful in dealing with women (see
For us, the goal is for you a suitable partner oto find a suitable partner in the first place. Since we know all the good platforms, we can directly pinpoint a page where the greatest success for you is to find your future partner, defining how firm the relationship should be after we look for you search. Of course, we work professionally and seriously, but with the necessary empathy and sympathy to empathize with you. After all, you should always remain completely yourself on the platforms.

Interview with our founder

How did you come up with the idea

Through my many years of work as a flirt coach, I have been able to show many men (and women) what it means to be attractive to other people and to present themselves successfully to the outside world. In my work I was often asked what I think about online dating. Well, for me, the most important thing is to get in touch with other people personally. This is not the case with online dating at the beginning. That’s why I was initially critical of online dating. Over time, however, I have accepted that it brings together many people who otherwise would never have met. For example, people who spend 12 hours every day in the office and for leisure is a foreign word. I often had men as students who were successful entrepreneurs and simply did not manage to meet a woman in time. At some point I started to offer support for online dating.

How did the help for your flirting students look like in online dating?

First and foremost, I created interesting profiles of my students, highlighting their strengths and wonderful traits. Furthermore, I clarified the factors that matter in online dating. How to make yourself interesting without body language for other people, how to use words to express feelings in other people. Because when you go through the city, it is easy to present yourself well. A positive body language and a healthy self-esteem are already 90% of the whole secret. In online dating, on the other hand, you can be positive on a profile photo, but most people lack ideas on how they manage to come across as charming and original through their profile text.

What role does individuality play for you?

Most profiles always read the same text. But everyone should bring their own personality. Like an application to a company you want to work for. Here too, the HR managers often read boring and meaningless texts, even though the candidate has much more potential. I have successfully implemented this in the profiles of my students. But then it went on, that many did not know what to write. So I gave them valuable tips and often put the words in their mouths. At some point it went so far that I should log into the profile of some students and should write in their name women / men. They kind of let me flirt for them. It worked very well and so the idea came up to offer this service professionally. Not only to women and men who do not know how to write the other gender original and successful, but also aimed at women and men who have little time for online dating. Be it the successful manager or the single mother.

And how exactly do you do it?

At the beginning we would like to get to know each customer better. Because only then we know what distinguishes him and can authentically reflect his personality in his online dating profile. Because there is nothing worse than when it later comes to a real meeting of our customer with one of the spelled partners and immediately realize that it is actually a very different person. Then we create the individual profile of the customer and give it to him for inspection. Of course, if our customer has any objections or requests, we will gladly change the profile and continue to work on it until the customer is satisfied with the profile. It then instantly creates a profile on one or more platforms that best suits our client’s needs. This is where we start writing down potential partners or partners, not as a secretary, but on behalf of our client, but as if we were her or him. And so it should come over. When it comes to ghost dating, nobody should notice that we, as flirting professionals, have actually written for the customer. We move completely into the customer and write from his point of view. With us, our customers receive the guarantee for a meeting, which we outsource