Flirttipp – your apartment or room

May 4, 2019

Flirttipps: Women rumkriegen, help and counselors 1 декабря 2012 г., 6: 28 Rule 4: She should feel at home with you!

To make a woman undress, she has to feel good. If you are lucky enough to have invited you, then congratulations. If you want to bring a little mouse to you, keep it organized.
No matter which woman under which circumstances is with you. Clean up! Whether your grandma comes to visit or you come home at night with a horny slug. It should be clean. If you’re older than 18, hang off your Bravo posters! Besides being immature, the posters are incredibly cheap and ugly. Better buy one, two pictures.

If you have your own apartment, you have a lot of room. Make yourself a man’s room, it can look like hell. Just close the door before any female enters your apartment.

Imagine, you just spent a great night with a girl, you are dead tired in bed and she has to go to the bathroom. The room is dark, she struggles through your room and suddenly KABOOM. It falls all over the clothes, shoes, trash, etc., just all the stuff you’ve spread on the floor. The girl broke her neck during the fall. You come to prison for careless murder. Must not be, right? Every cleaning does not have to be, but every week is doable, right?

A pair of extremely important things you have to pay attention in any case, if you have no cleaning fuss or cleaning lady: Dirty dishes belong in the dishwasher or in the sink. Eaten pizza pieces, moldy cups and stinking plates are poison for women.

Also important is the place where the magic should happen. Your bed. Get some pillows that will not only help with different sex positions. Women also find them beautiful. You should also buy a second blanket if someone stays with you, then it really annoys when you have to share a blanket. If you are in love, you may find it romantic. But after a short while, it will annoy you so much that you no longer want one to stay with you. This need not be! It is also important that you change your sheets and linens more often. Sperm patches are a monster Abturner. Since you can also turn on a porn and watch how she reacts. So you save. Another plus is that it smells fresh. If you plan to tow someone, spray your bed with fabric freshener first. Gives positives!